Thursday, April 03, 2008

Guest Speakers Give Advice to AVID Students

Amber Morris and Trevor Rhodes

On March 4, 2008, our AVID class had the delight of being able to meet and hear from Trevor Rhodes, a guest speaker. Our class instantly became fascinated by him, especially because he was the stepson of one of our tutors. Also, when we heard that he had lived in Sigonella and even graduated here, many of us had questions for him. We learned that he is currently studying at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. He runs the skate park for the city of Wilmington and designs programs for them. What I found interesting about him was how he was able to combine his favorite hobbies with work. Rhodes told us how much he had enjoyed snowboarding, surfing, and skating in his earlier years. Now he works at a place he can be happy and still earn money. He also left our AVID class with some advice. He told us to find a path or service to give to other people and to look at what we like to do. Our class enjoyed hearing from him and learning some things about his life. We also found out that he had the same teachers we ahve now. Trevor Rhodes showed our class that living overseas an benefit you in the future.

By Aica D., 10th grade AVID

Amber Morris grew up in Delaware and loved going to the ocean. She graduated in 2002 with not the best grades and appied to six different colleges. All the colleges she applied to were near a beach. She thought that since she loved being near the ocean, she would go to grad school for marine biology. She thought that she would be in the enviornment seeing what she was learning, but she was wrong. Most of her time was spent in a classroom looking at things in jars. She is now twenty-seven years old and stil in school for marine biology. She said that in high school she was able to just get by, but when she got to college, she had to buckle down and even had to learn new study habits. She highly recommended that you keep your grades up if you are going to college and aren't sure what you want to major in because if you don't know what to major in, your grades will be looked at more closely.

By Summer G., 11th grade AVID

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