Friday, June 15, 2007

SAT Test Dates for Sigonella 07-08

The SAT test dates for Sigonella have been set for next school year. The SAT will be given in October, November, December, and June. Registration for DoDDS overseas schools is the same as other INTERNATIONAL locations (earlier than the States). Check the College Board website (on the right sidebar) to register as early as possible for the dates you want.

Juniors and seniors should registering for this test. Younger students will take the PSAT in October.

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Sigonella Still a Model AVID Program!

This message was sent to the staff by Principal Debbie Folmer:

Congratulations to Jan Sibayan and Maryellen Pienta!!

We received the official word from DoDDS-E that Sigonella will continue to be a Model Demonstration School. This takes a great deal of hard work and dedication from the AVID students, AVID teachers and tutors, parents, regular teachers! Great job!

BJ Moving on to College

Congratulations to BJ Washington, a former AVID student at Sigonella HS during his junior year. BJ recently was graduated from high school in Virginia and will be attending either Benedict College or Morgan State University. He hopes to continue to play football at Benedict and is in negotiations with the coach there.

BJ writes: "Mrs. Pienta, you are a life saver. I don't think I would have been in college if it was not for you. Everything you taught me helped, especially the Cornell notetaking system you taught me. That helped me a lot. I understood what the teachers were talking about more by writing questions on my notes and having them answer it."

We at Sigonella all wish BJ the best in college and know that he will continue to succeed by using Cornell notes there, too.

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Fond Farewells to Four

Students departing the high school AVID program at Sigonella were recognized in their AVID classes this past week with certificates and exit letters as well as cookies and juice and a description of their accomplishments by Ms. Pienta.

Alex T. had been in AVID here for two years, grades 8 and 9. He and his family are moving to Washington State, where he will attend a private high school.

Asher B. was in AVID for grades 9 and 10 here at Sigonella. He is moving to Florida with his family and will also attend private school.

Elisa V. participated in AVID for grades 8 and 9 and was the person instrumental in designing all of our AVID Family Workshop programs. She and her mother are moving to the state of Maryland.

Stella S. was in AVID for grades 9 and 10 at Sigonella. She and her family are moving to Virginia.

All of these student achieved great things while in AVID. Every one of them was one the honor roll at least once, all were in extra-curricular activities ranging from sports to drama, and all improved their grades in rigorous courses. We will them the best in their new schools and onward into college!

Secretary of Student Council

Congratulations to Aica D, who was recently elected as Student Council Secretary for schoolyear 07-08! She mentioned the organizational skills learned and used in AVID as part of her speech to the student body before elections on June 13.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Free IPod with Computer Purchase for Students and Teachers

In case you were wavering on buying a new computer, Apple is helping your decision with its Back to School special. Until September, if you buy a computer you get a free iPod. This is for students and teachers only.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Free Tickets for College Visits on AMTRAK

AMTRAK Offers Free Companion Tickets for Visits to Prospective Colleges

AMTRAK is offering free companion tickets to parents of high school students visiting college campuses. To qualify you must meet the following criteria: Travel must be booked through the Campus Visit website at; the student must be a high school junior or senior accompanied by a parent; students will be required to present a valid high school identification card; tickets must be booked at least seven days prior to travel.

Complete details are available on the Campus Visit website, The site also provides destination information and hotel discount links to families planning college visits.

Vicky Cunningham
Army Volunteer Corps Coordinator
USAG Grafenwoehr

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Our New Class Wiki!

Check out our new class Wiki at

What is a Wiki? It is something like a group website where individuals can have their own page on the site. In our case, each student has a page of his/her own and is using it to showcase a college of choice as a final exam project. The criteria for the assignment in on the main page and you can look at individual pages by clicking on the student names.

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