Thursday, September 28, 2006

AVID Student Athletes

Once again, we have a strong representation by AVID students on the Sigonella Jaguars sports teams. Next week they will be participating in Homecoming events, so come out and support them!

Volleyball: Jessica B, Elisha H, Kevin R, Camron S, Kiersten D, Caitlin G

Football: Chris K, Reggie G, Niko R, and Alex T

Cross Country: Patrick B and Patrick F

Tennis: Asher B

Cheerleading: Charnece H

OUTSTANDING Binders in High School Again!

Congratulations to these students on their fantastic binders:

A+ (100-105%)
Juniors: Jessica B, Kevin R, Mia S, Asher B, and Carlo A
Sophomores: Charnece H, Brittany B, Tim F, and Miguel D
Freshmen: Patrick B, Caitlin G, Elisha H, Chynnah T, Kiersten D, Aica D, Nico R, and Alex T
8th grade: Marco M

A (90-99%)

Sophomores: Stella S
Freshmen: Camron S, Reggie G, Joelle N, and Julie T

23 out of 26 students present scored A or A+ on their binders!

Mark Your Calendar…SAT and ACT dates!

Seniors and Juniors, don’t miss the opportunity to take these important college admissions tests. Be sure to check the test requirements of the colleges you are interested in applying to. Many colleges will accept exam scores from either the SAT or the ACT. See Ms. Ascierto if you have any questions (DSN# 624-4281).

The SAT Reasoning Test is one of the most widely used college admission tests. Some colleges and universities may also require the SAT Subject Tests. Check the admission requirements of the individual colleges to see which exams you need to take.

Sigonella High School SAT Test dates for 2006-2007 are the following:

14 October 2006 (Registration Deadline: 12 Sept 06) *Possible late registration…See Ms. Rosa
4 November 2006 (Registration Deadline: 29 Sept 06)
2 December 2006 (Registration Deadline 1 Nov 06)
5 May 2007 (Registration Deadline 29 Mar 07)

The easiest and quickest way to register is on-line at
You must register “Outside the US”.
Here are some important codes you will need in order to complete the process:
School Code # 577100
Test Center Code # 58395
If you have any questions or run into any problems please contact Rosa Artiles at 624-4284.

The ACT exam is another widely accepted college admissions test. The ACT measures the 4 curricular areas of English, Mathematics, Science and an optional 30 min Writing Test.

Sigonella High School ACT Test dates for 2006-2007 are the following:

9 December 06 (Registration Deadline: 3 Nov 06)
10 February 07 (Registration Deadline: 5 Jan 07)
14 April 07 (Registration Deadline: 9 Mar 07)

Registration packets and test voucher are available in the SAO.

These exams take place on Saturdays at the high school. Doors open at 7:30am and testing begins promptly at 8:00am. No one will be admitted after 8:00am. Plan ahead and allow yourself some extra time to arrive on base.

**Please make sure you come prepared with 2 or more sharpened #2 pencils, calculator, extra batteries, ID and Admittance ticket (Test Center can not provide any of these). Other information you will need is your mailing address and social security number.

from Sigonella Counselor Margie Ascierto

Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Study Game--Did You Come to Play?

Studying isn't just taking classroom notes and reading assigned materials. Study prep begins long before class is in session. quotes James Shepherd who says, "Studying is the process of deciding what to learn and what to remember and recall." This process begins by organizing your supplies and your study environment, setting goals, understanding your own study habits and making adjustments as necessary.

This site is so good, tons of colleges link to it! And I'm going to do the same thing by putting it on our sidebar to the right!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Contract Signing a Time for Celebration

Over a hundred people crowded into the multi-purpose room at Sigonella MS/HS last night for the first AVID Family Workshop of the school year. Forty-two AVID students along with their parents were present for the contract-signing event along with Principal Debbie Folmer, Assistant Principal Connie Ennix, Counselors Evelyn Chisari and Margie Ascierto, numerous site team teachers, AVID tutors, and AVID teachers.

AVID students themselves conducted the program, which included speakers Carlo A, Patrick F, Kevin R, Eboni P, Madiea C, Camron S, and Charnece H. They were joined by many other returning AVID students in set-up, clean-up, refreshments and supplies, greeters, program design, and contract-signing.

We owe a big THANK YOU to all of them and their parents for making this happen.

Like the volcano that is our theme this year, AVID students have tons of POTENTIAL inside. We see occasional bursts of steam and other activity and eventually, the lava begins to flow. When it finally all comes together, there's a real eruption, which, in time, can change the landscape of the world. AVID is not a "quick fix," but it works very well with time. Unlike Jimmy Buffet, these students do know where they’re going to go . . . to college!

Thanks again for making last night's celebration of commitment a successful endeavor!

Ms. Pienta

PSAT Payment ($12) by October 11

Eighth and ninth grade students should bring $12 in check (leave TO blank) or cash to their AVID teacher by October 11. More than half have already paid, so let's get the rest in ASAP. Thank you!

Next Binder Check

The next AVID binder check for Ms. Pienta's classes (high school) will be on Wednesday, September 27. Eighteen pages of notes across five or more classes is the requirement. Let's aim to do as well or better than the last check!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

High School Binders Outstanding!

Congratulations also to these high school students (and one 8th grader!) for their fantastic first binder checks:

A+ (100-105%)
8th grade: Marco
9th grade: Reggie, Chynnah, Nico, Ruben, Patrick B, Caitlin, Camron, and Aica
10th grade: Tim, Stella, and Charnece
11th grade: Carlo, Patrick F, Jessica, and Kevin

A (90-99%)
9th grade: Joelle and Elisha
10th grade: Miguel
11th grade: Asher, Mia, and Chris

That is a whopping 85% of the high school classes that scored an A on their binder! F A B U L O U S !!!

Thanks to the tutors for an awesome checking job: Ms. O'Connor, Mr. Spain, and Ms. Imlah.

First Binder Check for Middle School AVID

Outstanding first binder check!

New to AVID 6th graders, Harriet, Steven, and John, scored 100 and above.

Other 100 and 100+ students include: Sean, Tiera, Mikayla, Justine, Riley, Eboni, Delana, Danelly, Sedric, Gabby, Kninique, Madiea, Lakara, Jonathan, and Ashley.

90+ were: Kierra, Nathan.

Congratulations to all!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Five Key Skills for Academic Success

To read the full article from, go to this LINK.

"It's never too early or too late to help your child develop the skills for academic success. Learn how to build these skills and stay on track all year long.

It takes a combination of skills: organization, time management, prioritization, concentration and motivation, to achieve academic success. Here are some tips to help get your child on the right track.

Talk to your child. To find out which of these skills your child has and which he can develop further, start a simple conversation that focuses on his goals. Ask him about his favorite subjects, classes he dreads and whether he's satisfied with his latest progress report.

Listen for clues. Incorporate your own observations with your child's self-assessment. Is your child overwhelmed by assignments? He may have trouble organizing time. Does your child have difficulty completing his work? He may get distracted too easily. Is your child simply not interested in school? He may need help getting motivated.

Identify problem areas. Start with this article (see LINK above) to help your child identify which of the five skill areas are trouble spots."

Monday, September 04, 2006

Students Not Prepared at Two-Year Colleges

The United States now has 1,200 community colleges, or two-year colleges, and many students and parents are attracted to them because of their low tuition, convenient locations, and open-door admissions policies. At their best, they can offer students smaller classes and possibly higher GPAs that will get them into four-year colleges.

However, Michael Kirst, a Stanford professor, has issued a study finding that " . . . 73 percent of students entering community colleges hoped to earn four-year degrees, but that only 22 percent had done so after six years.

"'You can get into school,' Professor Kirst said. 'That’s not a problem. But you can’t succeed.’'

"Nearly half the 14.7 million undergraduates at two- and four-year institutions never receive degrees. The deficiencies turn up not just in math, science and engineering, areas in which a growing chorus warns of difficulties in the face of global competition, but also in the basics of reading and writing."

Click HERE to read this very interesting and informative article from the New York Times.

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