Wednesday, June 03, 2009

AVID Family Workshop After Action Report

 The After Action Report from Ms. Sibayan's AVID Middle Schoolers after the last Family Workshop:  
"AVID family night turned out well. I think we all did a good job in the Phantom reading. There was a moment where we had a fault, but we overcame it and continued. So overall I think it was well done."
"I think making the cookies was pretty fun. I kind of wish that I could have helped set up."
" I was happy to see a lot of people eating and enjoying our cookies. We should have been louder while we were doing our screen reading, but overall it was pretty good. I think it would be fun to make/decorate cookies again because it shows how dedicated we are toward AVID and family nights."
"The things I needed to do was pay extra attention to what was being said because my mom learned a lot. Because of family night, my mom won't buy me a car for college."

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