Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zack's success in the USA!

Zack was in AVID at Sigonella for his 7th grade year and part of 8th . . . a note from his mother.
Hi To All of You,
    Well today another miles stone passed in our lives.....Zack graduated from Middle School.....yesterday was their awards ceremony.  We just got a package in the mail from Kohls Caring Kids he won the store level and his package is being sent to the regional level for a $1,000.00 scholarship, his school put him in for this.  At the awards ceremony he was given an Excellence in Science award, A Presidential Academic Excellence award and a special award from the Hershey's (chocolate corp) for Outstanding Leadership.  I was totally blown away, I thought he was just going to to get his student of the month!! 
    Hope this finds all of you doing well, please drop a line when you get a chance!
HUGS to ALL and many thanks to each of you who had a part in making him the awesome young man he has become!!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

More Senior Accolades ~~~

Updates on AVID seniors:
Jen Patron was accepted and will attend the Coast Guard Academy Prep School.
Brittany Banta has received additional acceptances at Carlos Albizu University and St. Leo University, both in Florida.  Brittany also was awarded the Mineo Commissary Scholarship!
Tim Frost has decided to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio.  In addition, he was accepted at Baylor University.
Congratulations to all of these seniors on the rewards they have earned for their hard work! The entire AVID program is proud of them.

Evening of Literature

The following AVID 8th graders were involved in Mr. Corey's Evening of Literature recently: Kassandra G., Steven K., Cassie R, and McKenzie E.  Cassie was also in the flute ensemble.  Congratulations!

AVID Family Workshop After Action Report

 The After Action Report from Ms. Sibayan's AVID Middle Schoolers after the last Family Workshop:  
"AVID family night turned out well. I think we all did a good job in the Phantom reading. There was a moment where we had a fault, but we overcame it and continued. So overall I think it was well done."
"I think making the cookies was pretty fun. I kind of wish that I could have helped set up."
" I was happy to see a lot of people eating and enjoying our cookies. We should have been louder while we were doing our screen reading, but overall it was pretty good. I think it would be fun to make/decorate cookies again because it shows how dedicated we are toward AVID and family nights."
"The things I needed to do was pay extra attention to what was being said because my mom learned a lot. Because of family night, my mom won't buy me a car for college."

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