Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Family Workshop #3 in the New MPR!

The third AVID Family Workshop was conducted in the new MPR (The Knights Hall) on February 6. Ninth-grade student emcees Alex T. and Patrick B. (above) welcomed over eighty participating students, parents, teachers, and friends. The emcees began the presentation with "the bad news" and "the good news" about college admissions. Ms. Pienta continued with information on such topics as in and out-of-state tuitioin, residency, gradution rates, and much more. AVID families received special inserts for their College Portfolios on these topics.

Departing ninth-grade AVID student Elisha H. gave her farewell address, and middle school AVID student Madeia C. read the departing words of Kierra N. Aica D. presented a baby gift from AVID students to departing AVID tutor Ms. Imlah.

Ms. Sibayan closed the workshop and thanked participants for their support and attendance. Everyone enjoyed many delicious cookies and juice afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who made this workshop a great success, especially Mr. Brown, Mr. Aevermann, Ms. Smith, Ms. Camuso, Ms. Lara, Ms. O'Connor, Elisa V., Miguel D., Patrick F., Tim F., tutors, counselors, administrators, students, and parents!

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Elishah's Farewell Address

Hello and good evening, students, teachers, tutors, and parents. My name is Elishah, and I am currently in my third year of AVID as a ninth grader. The classes I am taking are Biology, Spanish II, AVID, Honors Literature, Honors World History, Geometry, and Personal Finance.

From the first day I joined AVID, there has been improvement in my schoolwork. On my first day, I already knew two people who were in my class. It was pretty complicated, and I had no clue of what I would do and learn in AVID. So, the two people I could easily talk to guided me along the way until I made things just right. It wasn't easy getting used to the binder checks, notes, and tutorials in the beginning. But, as they always say, practice makes perfect. And soon I was used to making the tutorial questions, had better scores on my binder checks, and constantly wrote notes from each of my classes. Oh, and also in the beginning, I had absolutely no idea of what AVID meant because I'd never heard of it until I heard Ms. Pienta ask me "What does AVID stand for?" My face was blank and finally she called on someone to tell me the answer, which was Advancement Via Individual Determination.

I thought the best thing about AVID was the Socratic Seminars. Everyone gathers around in one circle to open up their minds. You talk about a certain topic and put together everyone's thoughts about it. I'm pretty much the silent type of person, so that means I'm not very active in it; I just listen to the different statements and learn a lot.

My advice for students is this: I know this may be simple, but always take notes. They may seem like nothing, but they are a good source for studying. Trust me, it's easier than cramming an entire novel into your brain, when you can just grab the important pieces of it. I mean, you can reduce a novel to probably about three pages of notes.
My plans for the future are not fully decided, but I might focus on getting a job in the medical field. Also, I have no idea on which college to attend but maybe one that is in the state of Florida, where I am moving, or California.
Thank you to all of my AVID tutors, teachers, and classmates. I'll never forget you!

Lt. Alex Allen, MIT Grad, Talks to AVID Classes

Submitted by Caitlin G, 9th grade AVID student

Recently, Lt. Alex Allen spoke to our class about his path to college. He started off speaking to us by asking questions such as "Why do you want to go to college?" and "How do you think it will help you?". Our class learned that he had lots of tips and advice for us future college graduates.

Lt. Allen grew up in Vermont on a family farm. He was a good student and participated in many sports. He became interested in engineering while watching robot competitions on PBS. Lt. Allen attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). On his way there, he applied early, became wait-listed, and improved his application a lot. He also interviewed with a professor at Dartmouth (who was an official interview for MIT) and contacted the MIT football coach about playing there. He told us it is important to make yourself stand out in your application and that colleges want diversity. He received a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.

Lt. Allen informed our class that college is more than just the education--it's about growing up, too. He said you learn a lot about relationships, internships, and becoming connected (networking). During his years at MIT, Lt. Allen married his high school sweetheart, Kathy, worked on the school's nuclear reactor, and participated in the robot competition.

When asked about financial aid, Lt. Allen said that he received scholarships and loans and then entered the Bachelor's Degree Completion Program with the Navy. The Navy paid him to go to school, and he had a job on the side.

Tenth-grade AVID student Nico L. asked if Lt. Allen thought college was more relaxed than high school. He replied saying he believed it was, and that he enjoyed his college experience.

Currently, Lt. Allen works at the top of a chain of many people. His future plans, after finishing the four years owed to the Navy, are to continue in a position where he helps other people. He said that with his degree, he could have unlimited options. There is definitely smooth sailing ahead for this MIT graduate.

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2nd Quarter Honor Roll for HS AVID Students

Once again, many AVID students were honored at the high school awards assemblies for attaining honor status for the second quarter of the school year.

Two AVID students, freshman Caitlin G. and junior Patrick F., had 4.0 or better for the quarter!

Other award-winning freshmen were Aica D., Patrick B., Alex T., and Camron S.

Sophomore honorees were Tim F. and Stella S.

Carlo A. and Kevin R. were the other juniors achieving honor status.

Congratulations on a job well done, AVID students!

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