Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zack's success in the USA!

Zack was in AVID at Sigonella for his 7th grade year and part of 8th . . . a note from his mother.
Hi To All of You,
    Well today another miles stone passed in our lives.....Zack graduated from Middle School.....yesterday was their awards ceremony.  We just got a package in the mail from Kohls Caring Kids he won the store level and his package is being sent to the regional level for a $1,000.00 scholarship, his school put him in for this.  At the awards ceremony he was given an Excellence in Science award, A Presidential Academic Excellence award and a special award from the Hershey's (chocolate corp) for Outstanding Leadership.  I was totally blown away, I thought he was just going to to get his student of the month!! 
    Hope this finds all of you doing well, please drop a line when you get a chance!
HUGS to ALL and many thanks to each of you who had a part in making him the awesome young man he has become!!

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