Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Contract Signing a Time for Celebration

Over a hundred people crowded into the multi-purpose room at Sigonella MS/HS last night for the first AVID Family Workshop of the school year. Forty-two AVID students along with their parents were present for the contract-signing event along with Principal Debbie Folmer, Assistant Principal Connie Ennix, Counselors Evelyn Chisari and Margie Ascierto, numerous site team teachers, AVID tutors, and AVID teachers.

AVID students themselves conducted the program, which included speakers Carlo A, Patrick F, Kevin R, Eboni P, Madiea C, Camron S, and Charnece H. They were joined by many other returning AVID students in set-up, clean-up, refreshments and supplies, greeters, program design, and contract-signing.

We owe a big THANK YOU to all of them and their parents for making this happen.

Like the volcano that is our theme this year, AVID students have tons of POTENTIAL inside. We see occasional bursts of steam and other activity and eventually, the lava begins to flow. When it finally all comes together, there's a real eruption, which, in time, can change the landscape of the world. AVID is not a "quick fix," but it works very well with time. Unlike Jimmy Buffet, these students do know where they’re going to go . . . to college!

Thanks again for making last night's celebration of commitment a successful endeavor!

Ms. Pienta

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