Sunday, March 09, 2008

Registration & AVID for Next Year

Registration for next year is about to commence. We will be updating students' four-year plans in class, even if they are PCSing. It is critical, as we all know, to meet and even surpass the college entrance requirements. AVID ensures that as well as getting the grades to go with it.

Returning students will automatically be eligible and enrolled in AVID next year unless they become academically ineligible (below 2.0). Research shows that enrollment in college increases with each year of AVID in high school. If the student and parents do not want to further participate in AVID, parents should write a letter or email to Ms. Pienta and Ms. Ascierto stating so ASAP. Otherwise, we're keeping you!

If you are not sure, please call or email or stop by to talk about AVID and success in it and with it.

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