Saturday, March 22, 2008

Legislation Would Help Military Families Change Schools

New legislation is being proposed in Maryland and other states to help military families successfully navigate or even eliminate the different state requirements for high school graduation. And none too soon! Every one of the fifty states has different requirements, making PSCing a nightmare and jeopardizing college application chances.

Read the whole article HERE in the Washington Times.


"With military 'brats' changing schools an average of six to nine times from kindergarten to 12th grade, the Pentagon is proposing a multi-state compact that would help families with the transitions.

"'The one thing we continuously forget to address is the sacrifices our children are forced to make,' said Rear Adm. Len Hering, commander of the Navy's Southwest region.

"Adm. Hering moved from Annapolis to San Diego as his middle son entered his senior year, which he said tested the entire family.

"His son hoped to take advanced placement courses in chemistry and calculus but instead had to repeat physical education and state history courses usually taught to freshmen. It was his third state in high school, requiring a third class in basic state history.

"'He took badminton with ninth-graders and a third history course,' Adm. Hering said."

Future legislation will hopefully eliminate these kinds of requirements for military children who move during high school.

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