Friday, March 14, 2008

Former Journalist Speaks to AVID Students

Mr. Nolan Schramm is a former journalist who graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree. As a journalist, his job was to find facts that could be used as news stories. His goal with his career was to make a difference.

When he started being a journalist, he had to write wedding announcements and obituaries. He worked on accuracy, which is the biggest thing in journalism. Accuracy is one of three things that will make you successful in the journalist world: accuracy, speed, and sources. “Always go back to the sources,” he said. That was the best way to find the truth. After weddings and obituaries, he did crime scenes, writing about missing persons and crime scenes.

A word of advice from Mr. Schramm: “Find out what people want to know.” It doesn’t matter whether it is a city newspaper or a school paper. And if there is no newspaper, start one.

By Niko Rosal, Grade 10

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