Monday, March 10, 2008


All AVID juniors and seniors are taking Advanced Placement classes and will thus be taking these exams!


Advanced Placement Exams will take place during May 5 - May 16, 2008.  On the given exam day, students are to report to the Main Office at 7:45 A.M. and will be escorted to the testing site


As your students have already been informed, the exams will be given on the following dates and times:


Wednesday, May 7, Calculus AB (7:45am – Noon).

Thursday, May 8, English Literature (7:45 am – Noon).

Friday, May 9, US History (7:45 am – Noon).

Monday, May 12, Biology (7:45 am – Noon).

Monday, May 12, Physics B (Noon – 4:00 pm)

Wednesday, May 14, English Language (7:45 am - Noon).

Wednesday, May 14, Italian Language and Culture (7:45 am – Noon ).


We ask that students and parents be aware that the AP exams take priority over sports and other scheduled activities on exam days and the weekends prior to the exam days.  We ask that you assist us with making the AP Exams a PRIORITY. 


These AP students have worked very hard all school year.  Remember, by taking these exams, students can possibly earn college credit helping to save you tuition at the college level. If a student does not take the AP exam, then no weighted grade is given.  Good Luck students!

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