Monday, September 15, 2008

Bigger and Better AVID

Welcome back to school and to the biggest and best AVID program at Sigonella MS/HS ever! There are currently 55 students in grades 6-12 enrolled in AVID, which is 21% of the school population. The senior group of six students is the largest ever.

Three teachers, Ms. Sibayan, Ms. Novak, and me (Ms. Pienta) are teaching a total of four sections of AVID, two for middle and two for high school. We are pleased to welcome back Ms. Kathy Vary as our head AVID tutor and to welcome on board Mr. George Riddle as a new tutor. Senior AVID students will also be helping to lead and mentor by assuming some duties as tutors and group leaders as appropriate.

The first AVID Family Workshop and contract signing ceremony will take place on Tuesday, September 23 at 17:00 above Applebee's. It will be one hour long. New AVID students and their parents will sign the AVID contract. Current students will conduct the program. Parents will also be briefed on Cornell notetaking, the AVID binder, planner pages,and plans for the year. Light refreshments will be served.

The AVID Demonstration School banner has been hung in the rotunda of the new school, and we're very proud of it. Thank you to Mr. Bertschinger, Ms. Spardo, and Mr. Bruno for their efforts. It looks great!

We look forward to seeing all of you there to kick off the AVID year!

Tell everyone in AVID I said hello, I miss them and keep up those binders!

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