Sunday, May 18, 2008

Students Honored at Family Workshop

On May 15, AVID students were featured and honored at the last Family Workshop of the school year. AVID teachers Jan Sibayan, Pat Novak, and Maryellen Pienta each recognized the achievements of individual students and presented them with AVID pencils, pens, and pins from founder Mary Catherine Swanson. See all photos HERE.

Principal Sonny Bertschinger welcomed the group after being introduced by Patrick B., high school Master of Ceremonies (above).

Steven K. was the middle school MC. He introduced Ms. Sibayan and the middle school skit, which was written by students and performed by Harriet H., Sara J., Zach B., Richard C., Kassandra G., and Morgan S. (above). Steven then assisted Ms. Sibayan in the recognition of students.

Ms. Pienta gave parents and students tips on transitioning to a new school as well as having a productive summer. Ms. Novak recognized the high school AVID students and Ms. Pienta the AVID seniors

Three AVID seniors gave farewell addresses: Patrick F., Kevin R., and Carlo A. Seniors were recognized for their achievements and contributions to the school and to AVID. Patrick F. will attend Florida Institute of Technology, Kevin R. will attend George Mason University, Carlo A. will the University of California at Riverside, and Mia S. will attend San Jose State University. Seniors will wear the silver and black AVID cords at graduation in June.

(Kevin R. and parents)

Middle school counselor Evelyn Chisari, who will be leaving Sigonella for a school in Germany, was recognized and honored for her contributions and support of AVID students and the program for the past four years.

Assistant Principal Dorothy King won the door prize.

Special THANKS to AVID tutors Kathy Vary, Beverly Rhodes, and Stacy Hall for all the work they put in for this Family Workshop. They are invaluable supports for AVID.

A beautiful recognition for the most deserving students. I am grateful to have been a small part of it.
Mary Catherine Swanson
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