Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Norwich Grad Speaks to AVID

Honor and discipline are the words that I would describe Lt. Belanger, our guest speaker in AVID last week. Jamie Belanger has wanted to be a Navy pilot ever since he was a little kid, so to fulfill this dream, he attended Norwich University, one of the most respected military academies in the United States. At Norwich University, cadets quickly realize the meaning of what it’s like to be in the military. In a few months, cadets go through their training, covering everything from marching correctly to polishing boots. This is to prepare the cadets for real military life. Every year at Norwich, cadets steadily gain more and more responsibility in this cadet-run ROTC unit.

Lt. Belanger’s lessons at Norwich carried through all the way to his military career, where he became a pilot, and eventually became a communications officer to ensure a good career after he left the navy. Many lessons can be learned from Lt. Belanger, but one lesson that I learned most is that discipline and hard work can get me far in life.

Adam B., Grade 10 AVID

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