Friday, October 19, 2007

PSAT Commendations from Ms. Chisari

Sigonella counselor Evelyn Chisari wrote a very nice message about some of our AVID students who assisted her at the PSAT testing earlier this week:
Included in this message is a note on behalf of the students who helped clear Knight's Hall of chairs and tables. Several students, among them . . . Marcus J . (AVID) . . . stacked tables and chairs and did not leave the facility until the job was done. However, my right hand mad was Carlo A . (AVID).. He volunteered to help me from start to finish. Quite truthfully, without his initiative I would have been running ragged this week. He is to be commended.

Again, thank you and have a nice afternoon.

Evelyn Chisari
Be Kind, Express Joy, Seek Peace...

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