Thursday, October 11, 2007

Record Number Attend First Family Workshop

Over eighty parents, students, and staff attended the first AVID Family Workshop of the school year on October 2. The workshop, which was held above Applebee's, was a combination of information and celebration for attendees.

AVID juniors Brittany B. and Miguel D. were the masters of ceremony for the evening. AVID Coordinator Maryellen Pienta welcomed attendees and gave parents an overview of "The Top Ten Ways to Succeed in AVID," stressing the parents' role in the program.

Cristina and Nicole L. and Kevin and Kris R. gave presentations on their tours of college campuses in Georgia, Florida, and New York this past summer. All of them had different ideas of what was most important to them before and after visiting the various colleges.

Ms. Kaarin Coe, ASACS (Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Services) counselor for the school, presented families with an overviews of the program and how she assists students in various areas. One important area she helps students in is dealing with stress.

Ms. Lisa Balboni, English as a Second Language specialist K-12, described her role and her involvement with AVID. Ms. Balboni received special training in AVID as an ESL specialist this past summer in Atlanta, Georgia. The two programs are natural partners.

Senior AVID students Patrick F., Carlo A., and Mia S. took over for the next part of the evening, which was the AVID contract signing ceremony for twenty-five new AVID students in grades 7-11. Patrick, who is in his sixth year of AVID, reviewed the student's commitments in the AVID contract and commented from personal experience on the importance of each one. Carlo and Mia then called forward each new student with a parent to sign the individual contracts. AVID teacher Patricia Novak assisted with the signing.

Jan Sibayan, middle school AVID teacher, closed the evening with a message from a former Sigonella AVID student and the drawing for the door prize.
Everyone enjoyed cake and beverages before leaving.

The next AVID Family Workshop is slated for November 20.

Thanks to all who made the evening such a great success!

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