Friday, September 21, 2007

Sigonella SAT Scores Among Highest in Europe

A story in Stars and Stripes on September 14, 2007, listing SAT scores for all thirty-two DoDDS-Europe schools showed Sigonella near the top in all three categories: Critical Reading, Math, and Writing.

Sigonella students scored 4th overall in Critical Reading, beat out only by two schools that are made up primarily of international students (Ankara and Brussels) and one other small DoDDS school (Lajes in the Azores).

On the Math portion, Sigonella ranked 5th out of thirty-two, and 6th in Writing.

A perfect score on each section of the test is 800. Here's how Sigonella students stacked up:

Critical Reading: 548 (National average 502, DoDDS-Europe average 521)

Math: 525 (National average 515, DoDDS-E average 504)

Writing: 518 (National average 494, DoDDS-E average 505)

Performance on the SAT is considered to be one of the top three requirements for college admission. Students, parents, and staff should all be very proud of the SAT performance of our students!

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