Monday, September 03, 2007

Welcome Back to School!

The Sigonella MS/HS AVID program welcomed back close to fifty students in grades 7-12 last week. There are a record five sections of AVID, three taught by Ms. Pienta, and one each by Ms. Sibayan and Ms. Novak. Every student showed up at school with a binder ready to learn.

Students have already set goals for the first quarter, learned about SLANT (sit up, lean forward, ask questions, nod your head, and talk to the teacher), reviewed Cornell notes, set a date for the first binder check (Sept. 17-18), wrote assignments in their new agendas every day, and practiced the Three-Story Intellect questions.

There are five seniors in AVID this year, and they have begun special assignments related to their college applications.

All AVID students 8-11 will take the PSAT in October. The next few weeks will be spent preparing students for that as well as the SAT for seniors. Ms. Pienta's classes have taken on an "SAT Question of the Day" from the Internet to start each class.

The AVID Site Team will be meeting soon. This group is composed of teachers, tutors, counselors, and administrators. Parents and students are invited to attend, too! One of the first tasks will be to schedule AVID Family Workshops for the year. The first workshop will center on AVID Contract signing fby new AVID students and their parents. Returning students will conduct the workshop and ceremony. The date will be posted as soon as it's finalized.

All of us in AVID look forward to a spectacular year of fun and success for students. Welcome back!

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