Friday, September 21, 2007

AVID about Fall Athletics!

Quite a number of AVID students are representing Sigonella this fall on the school athletic teams. I, for one, believe strongly in the value of participation in sports. It teaches many skills and values that aren't always part of the regular curriculum. It builds healthy bodies and minds and teaches the concepts of team, discipline, and leadership. It also looks good on college applications!

Here are our AVID high school students in sports:

Boys Volleyball: Kevin R, Camron S, Tim F, Patrick B, and Kris R.

Girls Volleyball: Mia S

Cross Country: Denise P, Jennifer P, and Patrick F

Football: Marco M, Torey D, Nico R, Adam B, and Taylor R

Tennis: Miguel D

All of the above sports opened last weekend (September 15) AWAY at various locations in Italy and Germany. Best performance of all was by Jen P, who finished in FIRST place in girls' cross country!Good luck to all this season! Bring home the gold!

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