Monday, February 04, 2008

Middle School and College Preparation

Good article, worth your time!  Eye-opening stats on some Florida schools!
  • Competitive college admissions drive middle-school preparation
    Having scored a 35 out of 36 on the ACT, earned a near-perfect GPA in college-level classes, and founded an organization dedicated to peace, Arianna Pattek at one time would have had her pick of Ivy League schools -- but no more: Increasingly intense competition means that getting into one's school of choice is no longer a sure thing, even for students with stellar qualifications, which has the parents of some middle-school children already mapping out college plans. The Palm Beach Post
Four state schools:

2007's freshman class, on average 

 University of Florida

4.1 grade point average*

1276 SAT

27.7 ACT

Florida State University

3.8 grade point average*

1218 SAT

27 ACT

University of Central Florida

3.73 grade point average*

1217 SAT

26 ACT

Florida Atlantic University

3.2 grade point average*

1041 SAT

22 ACT

* Grade point averages are difficult to compare because methodology used to compute them varies from university to university. Some include only core academic courses. Colleges give varying weight for honors or college-level courses taken in high school.

SAT scores are composite of verbal and math results.

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