Friday, January 11, 2008

My Life is Like a Mosaic . . .

Ms. Novak and Ms. Pienta's high school AVID students are writing a metaphor essay based on their recent field trip to Piazza Armerina's Roman villa of mosaic floors (a UNESCO site). They are comparing their lives as military children to a mosaic in the manner of the famous "Accepted to Princeton" essay. So far, their beginnings are fabulous, and many will be useful as a future college applicatin essays for them.

Here are some of the beginning sentences:

"Standing on the causeway observing the ancient Roman mosaics, I could see the millions of pieces that created them, and, in them, I could see the pieces that make up my life as a military child."

"As I stood looking down at the mosaics at Piazza Armerina, I realized that my life was not very different than the mosaics before my eyes."

"As I look down on the all the colorful little tesserae and see the spectacular pictures they create, I think of my own life and how it is, in a way, like a mosaic."

Stay tuned for more writing . . . .

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