Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Trails to Joelle and Miguel!

We said goodbye this week to two of our favorite AVID students, Joelle N. and Miguel D.

Joelle has been in Sigonella for three years. She came to us from AVID in Japan in her 7th grade year and is now returning there in her 10th grade year. Joelle has been very successful in AVID and in her college prep classes. She always has kept a great binder and is a wonderful addition to any tutorial group. We know she will be a success at her new school, in college, and in life! Joelle aims to earn a bachelor's degree in nursing, perhaps through ROTC in college.

Miguel joined AVID in his 10th grade year, just 18 months ago. He has also improved his grades while taking honors and AP classes. Miguel has been a good friend and classmate to many AVID students, and they, along with his teachers and tutors, are sad to see him leave us for his new home in Virginia. Miguel is very artistic, also, and may well pursue a degree in the arts. Here, his AVID classmates give him a round of applause at his farewell party.

Both students gave stirring farewell speeches at the Family Workshop in November.


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