Saturday, December 01, 2007

Portfolios Started for New Students at Family Workshop

Twenty-two new AVID students and their families were presented with their College Portfolios athe Family Workshop on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. About seventy people attended the workshop, which was held above Applebee's that evening.

AVID junior Brittany B. once again led the program as the mistress of ceremonies. She welcomed everyone and introduced each speaker.

The evening's program was kicked off with a welcome by Sigonella's new principal Sonny Bertschinger, who spoke about experiences with his own children in their post-secondary pursuits and encouraged parents to be involved every day in their children's education and preparation for life.

Next, AVID teachers Ms. Pienta and Ms. Novak recognized the large number of AVID middle and high school students who achieved honor roll status for the first quarter of the year.

Following that, our new AVID student Andei K and her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Hall, came forward and signed the AVID contract. Andei was welcomed into AVID by everyone present.

Ms. Pienta gave a presentation on the use of the College Portfolio as well as the Goals and Careers section. Participants received handouts for this section.

Two AVID students who will be leaving our school soon gave their farewell messages. Joelle N. is a 10th grader who has been in AVID for four years, both here and at her previous school. She will continue in AVID at her new DoDDS school in Japan. Miguel D. is an 11 grader who is in his second year of AVID. He highlighted the ways AVID has helped him and advised students on how to succeed in AVID. Miguel will be moving to Virginia.

Last, Ms. Sibayan awarded the door prize, a Catania soccer club mug donated by her and her husband, to the winner.

Refreshments, including cookies, juice, and water, were donated by AVID parents and students. THANK YOU especially to Mrs. Dugas, Mrs. Jones (Jarrett), Mrs. Gardner, and Mrs. Jones (Sarah and Marcus).

A special thanks to AVID tutors Kathy Vary, Stacey Hall, and Beverly Rhodes for organizing the materials and preparing the facility and students for the workshop. Thank you also to Chynnah T., who designed the program for the evening.

The next AVID Family Workshop will be January 15.

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