Wednesday, January 23, 2008

LinguaFest is coming!!

On 31 March-4 April, 2008, one hundred students will come together at the Oberwesel Youth Hostel, located on the Rhein River in Oberwesel, Germany, and have fun while participating in a variety of languages and cultural activities. All students will first learn things throughout the week, and then many will have the chance to present what they learned in a final show. For example, those who follow a dance lesson will present that dance in the performance evening. Curious, open-minded students, unafraid of taking risks, and who have at least a 2.0 GPA, will be highly considered for selection.

There will be a variety of daytime courses offered during the week. For example, there might be courses such as one on French drama and one on a Spanish TV show. Students will be placed in one of these courses for three days. In the application forms, students will read the list of courses offered and indicate their top three preferences. Along with these daytime courses, there will be more relaxing and entertaining activities in the evening. Students are expected to attend one of these, as well. In addition to these required courses, students will have a chance to watch FL movies or play games and thus learn about languages other than those they study at school.

Please see Mr. Iozzia or Mrs. Pisingan to request an application packet. Deadline 30 January.

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