Friday, October 13, 2006

On-line Assignment for High School AVID

Ms. Pienta's AVID students have an on-line assignment on AVIDEtna (Yahoo Groups) to complete by Tuesday. Please ensure that it is completed on time. The assignment is in reference to an article on about the ten most popular college majors at this time.

Here is the scoring rubric for this and all on-line assignments:

SCORING:The following rubric will be used to score your online assignedpostings:

40 = Post was on time, in Standard Written English, had few or nowriting errors, was of appropriate length, and showed depth ofthought and/or originality

30 = Post was on time, in Standard Written English, had few writingerrors, may have been a little short in length, and showed lessthought and/or originality than the best examples

20 = Post was on time,in Standard Written English, had some writingerrors or was much shorter than most posting or lacking in depth ororiginality

10 = Post was late

0 = Post was missing or more than five school days late

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