Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Middle School Binder Checks Plus MS Comments about Family Night

6th graders: Steven (103) and Harriet (105)

7th graders: 100-105 are Eboni, Kninique, Riley Mikayla, Justine, Madiea, Gabby, Sedric, Danelly, Tiera; 90-99 are Kierra, Sean, Nathan

8th graders: 105! Lakara, Jose, Jonathan

Way to go, Middle Schoolers!

Some comments from our Middle School about the first AVID family night:

"I like how everyone gets together and how we make a bond with our parents."

"I would like some high school projects on the walls, too."

"I really liked the speeches."

"I felt so happy to be in AVID."

"I thought that the AVID family night was really cool. I learned a lot since I am new in AVID. It was really nice to hear what high schoolers thought about AVID."

"Family night for me was a success. It helped me learn what AVID was all about and what things I could do to be a better AVID student."

" I had a good time, and I liked the cake."

"It was nice to see all the AVID students 6-11."

"I think family night was a good thing for parents and AVID students to get to know a lot more about AVID so we can sign a contract that shows we are going to do the recommendations for AVID."

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