Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Farewell to Charnece

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to tenth-grade AVID student Charnece H, who has been in the AVID program as Sigonella since August of 2004. Charnece has been a model student and classmate for all. She achieved A's in AVID every quarter along with Honor Roll status. Last year, she was inducted into the Junior National Honor Society. In high school, Charnece has been a varsity cheerleader and a member of the band. She and her parents supported every AVID event, including Family Workshops and the Planter Project.

Period 3 AVID participated in a farewell party for Charnece last week. She was presented with an AVID pin, letter of recommendation, and a certificate signed by all her classmates.

We know that she will continue to do well in high school and continue on to college for a bachelor's degree. Charnece and her family are relocating in Pensacola, Florida. We plan to stay in touch with her via email and AVIDEtna. Good luck and best wishes for future success, Charnece!

(See Charnece as an 8th grader in AVID below!)

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