Saturday, November 15, 2008

AVID Students Moving On to New Locations

For better or for worse, we all know that life in a military community means moving or PCSing. In AVID, we are always sad to see our students move away, but we know that they will be prepared to succeed academically at their next school thanks to the skills they have learned, the tools they have acquired, and their attitude of "individual determination." They also have their AVID College Portfolio filled with the things they need to continue their journey.

Ninth-grader Justine C. was our first student to leave us, way back in September. Justine had been in AVID for two years in middle school and was just starting high school. She was an honor student and a wonderful contributor to the AVID program. She often volunteered to help at Family Workshops. Luckily, Justine and her family were moving to Yokosuka, Japan, and another DoDDS-AVID school!

Junior AVID student Drew G. left recently for Florida. Drew had been in AVID just one year previous to this one and had made great progress academically. He was also a member of this year's varsity football team. Drew's great sense of humor and creativity will be missed.

Aica D., a fifth-year AVID student in her junior year, also recently left Sigonella. Her family is moving to southern California, where she will hopefully be able to continue in the AVID program. Aica was active in several varsity sports, National Honor Society, and student government. Aica was on the honor roll every quarter she had been in AVID! She has been a model AVID student with the perfect binder, Cornell notes, tutorial questions, and assignments. She will be greatly missed!

Peter D., a new AVID student in his senior year, was a wonderful new addition to our senior cadre. Peter had no problem jumping right into AVID and AP English. He also was active in varsity sports and school activities. We wish him well in this, his senior year, as he continues his college application process in California.
Arrivederci, studenti! And buon fortunato!

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