Monday, May 14, 2007

NCA Report Highlights AVID at Sigonella

The AVID program at Sigonella MS/HS was cited several times in the NCA Report on the official visit that took place in February. These items appeared in the report under DoDEA Initiatives:

"Parents and students agree that "The AVID program does a nice job in skill development.' Teachers cited improved organization, study skills, and academic performance of AVID students after their first year of participation."

"The school is to be commended for having more than half their teachers AVID trained and for its proportionaly high AVID enrollment."

"It was observed that many teachers consistently use research-based AVID techniques, such as one binder for all classes, daily planners, and Cornell notes."

"It would be beneficial to consider additional school-wide staff development in AVID methodologies to further extend its effectiveness."

"Because of the high number of students enrolled in and seeking AVID participation, it will be important for the school to ensure that the program remains available and effective for all participants."

Overall, the school received an outstanding report, and AVID is proud to be part of the success of students and the school!

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