Monday, May 14, 2007

Last Workshop of the Year Well-Attended!

On May 8, the last AVID Family Workshop of this school year was held above Applebee's. Despite the nice spring weather and the change of location, between 70-80 people attended this event.

Ninth-grade AVID student Chynnah T. was the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. She welcomed the group and introduced each speaker. AVID students who attained third quarter honor roll status were recognized and introduced by middle school honor student Sedric F. and high school honor student Patrick F.

A number of students will be leaving Sigonella this year, and several of them shared their experiences in AVID, telling how the program helped them become better students in many different ways. The speakers were Alex T. (9th grade), Asher B. (11th grade), Elisa V. (9th grade), Madiea C. ( 7th grade), Danelly A. (7th grade), Tiera L. (7th grade).

Next on the program, parents and students were able to add more information to their college portfolios as Ms. Pienta gave a presentation on financial aid, including the types of aid, the cost of college, how aid is awarded, and how to apply for it.

Ms. Sibayan closed the program and drew the winning number for the door prize, which went to the Burke family. Congratulations!

Thanks to AVID site team members and tutors for their help and support: Ms. Ascierto, Ms. Balboni, Ms. O'Connor, Ms. Vary, Ms. Rettie, and Ms. Camuso. Thanks also to Ms. Folmer for arranging the location and Mr. Brown for AVID support.

The next AVID Family Workshop will be held in September 2007. Stay tuned!

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