Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ms. Coe Describes Careers in Social Services

Submitted by Stella S, grade 10 AVID student

In late December,we had our second AVID guest speaker of the year. Her name was Kaarin Coe and she is our school's ASAC's counselor. She is a New York native and social worker. She received her undergraduate degree at Hatwick College and her graduate degree from Syracuse University.

Our class learned a lot from Ms.Coe, such as the different degrees of social work. There are a Bachelors of Social Work, a Masters of Social Work, and a Doctorate of Social Work. At least a Master's degree in social work is needed to provide therapy.

Ms.Coe has worked hard to get where she is today. She has had years of experience and has worked with many people. In the past, she's worked with delayed adults, youth groups, in domestic violence courts, Planned Parenthood facilities, and even in a locked psychiatric facility.

Prior to Ms. Coe's discussion, I didn't know exactly what social workers did. Now I know that social workers are dedicated to helping people and work in places like schools, courts, clinics, and even police departments and hospitals. Social workers strive to create better social environments and help people succeed.

As Ms. Coe put it "social workers basically try to put themselves out of business."

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