Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Family Workshop #2 Successful for All

On November 28, over sixty people attended the second AVID Family Workshop of the school year.

Students and parents who attended received a personalized College Portfolio. During the course of the workshop, Ms. Pienta explained the use of the portfolio's sections via a slideshow. Several forms for tracking academic and extra-curricular progress were reviewed. (NOTE: Families who were not able to attend can receive the portfolio at the next workshop, where further instruction will be shared.)

The workshop program included the following:

Welcome and Introductions: Asher B. (11th grade AVID student)

School Improvement: Ms. Bernie Camuso (Sigonella School Improvement Co-Chair)

Honor Student Recognition: Chynnah T. (9th grade AVID student, at left)

AVID Portfolios: Ms. Maryellen Pienta (AVID Coordinator)

Middle School AVID Message: Justine C. (AVID student)

Farewell Message: Reggie G. (9th grade AVID student)

Closing: Ms. Jan Sibayan (MS AVID Teacher)

Thank you to all the other AVID students and site team teachers, tutors, family members, and friends who helped make the workshop a success. Special thanks to Mr. Flint Sibayan for procurement of binders and dividers, Mr. Dale Aevermann for room setup and audio equipment, and Mr. David Brown for AV setup and equipment.

The next AVID Family Workshop will be on February 6, 2007.

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