Friday, December 01, 2006

Reggie's Farewell at AVID Family Workshop

Hi! My name is Reggie G. I started attending Stephen Decatur in third grade in 2001. I am now a freshman at Sigonella High School. I take Honors Literature/History, Biology, Geometry, AVID, Italian II, and Drama. In just a few weeks, I’m leaving for San Diego, California. I plan to attend Mira Mesa High School and join AVID.

In AVID, I’ve learned plenty of things. I learned how to take notes and be organized. I’ve learned one important thing that helped me not only in school, but life. It was determination. Before I got into AVID, I was a lazy kid who barely did homework. But when I entered Ms. Pienta’s room in 7th grade, I looked around and saw everyone working. I saw how they put so much time into their work. I thought I’d be the dumb kid in the classroom. So I figured I’d do the homework and get good grades on tests. Watching the students in the class working made me want to work hard and make honor roll. Since everyone in the class was an A/B student, I felt I could be one, too. After that day, I felt good about not being lazy or procrastinating. I could finish homework the day before it was due and not worry about it.

For all the parents, I would advise you to keep your kids in AVID. For all the kids that are lazy and never do your work or are unorganized, join AVID. This will help you, not only in high school and middle school, but in college, since AVID is a preparation class for college.

After high school, I plan to attend San Diego State University. I want to major in psychology or automotive technology. Thanks to AVID, my parents, classmates, friends, teachers, and tutors like Ms. Andre, Ms. Kendall, Ms. Imlah, Ms. Deal, Mrs. O’Connor, Ms. Pienta, Ms. Novak, Ms. Sibayan, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Cary, Mr. Spain, and my big brother, Angelo, I feel like I have a good start toward reaching my goal.

Thank you!

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