Wednesday, March 11, 2009

School Nurse Inspires AVID Students

On February 23 and 24, our school nurse, Ms. Peggy Rettie, spoke to the AVID classes of Ms. Pienta and Ms. Novak about nursing and careers in medicine. She answered many of their questions and gave great information. Afterwards, students wrote articles about her visit based on their notes. Here are some excerpts from their work:

"(Nurse Rettie) said that she really loved her job and that she feels like she won a lottery." (Anthony B.)

"She tells us that you must love what you do or you won't enjoy your life." (James C.)

"'To be a nurse, you have to be smart, but most importantly, you have to be compassionate, ' she says." (McKenzie E.)

"In this job, you help people everyday. Also, it can be very emotional and stressful." (Peter S.)

"She gets a sense of fulfillment in being a nurse and she couldn't really see herself as anything else." (Shay W.)

"Ms. Rettie said that when you go to college you need to keep focused and to study and then there can be time for fun." (Denice P.)

"She said your mission is to complete college in four years and also have fun along the way." (Ryan L.)

"When she was in college, she had times when she wanted to drop her classes, but she kept in mind that dropping classes led to more years in college and summer school." (Gabi M.)

"She's had many experiences: everything from watching miraculous recoveries to watching a life slip away." (Adam B.)

"She witnessed the good and bad, but her best experience was vision and hearing screening for children because she said, 'They treat you like a god.'" (Joem B.)

"While attending school, Ms. Rettie had a couple of good and bad experiences which opens your eyes to help you realize that when going into the medical field, you will experience some difficult times." (Elexa M.)

". . . caring for others takes a person with patience and a big heart to work with patients." (Lakara S.)

"After she retires, she would like to go into missionary work, because she wants to make a change and be a difference in the world. I believe that she has already accomplished that by little things she's done just at our school!" (Krystal G.)

"To her, helping people brings joy to her hear. If you look at Ms. Rettie, you know her as a school nurse. After learning about her, she is more than a nurse. She is a kind, helpful lady who will take care of you not because its her job, but because you're someone in need." (Ryan L.)

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